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Travel to the stunning off-the-beaten-track Bai Tu Long Bay on the most outstanding cruise. Let's make your decision.

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10 Best Junk Cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay 2024

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  • Swan Cruise Halong Bay

    Swan Cruise

    9.5 6 reviews
    from US $135 /pax
  • Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay

    Dragon Pearl Junk

    9.5 4 reviews
    from US $164 /pax
  • Dragon Legend Junk Halong Bay

    Dragon Legend Junk

    9.4 4 reviews
    from US $206 /pax
  • Signature Junk Halong Bay

    Signature Junk

    9.4 7 reviews
    from US $147 /pax
  • Renea Junk Halong Bay

    Renea Junk

    9.4 5 reviews
    from US $141 /pax
  • La Muse Day Cruise Halong Bay

    La Muse Day Cruise

    9.3 2 reviews
    from US $74 /pax
  • Signature Royal Junk Halong Bay

    Signature Royal Junk

    9.6 2 reviews
    from US $149 /pax
  • La Regina Classic Cruise Halong Bay

    La Regina Classic Cruise

    9.2 2 reviews
    from US $123 /pax
  • Prince Junk Halong Bay

    Prince Junk

    9.5 3 reviews
    from US $609 /pax
  • Garden Bay Legend Junk Halong Bay

    Garden Bay Legend Junk

    from US $137 /pax
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I am interested in a luxury cruise. 2 nights and 3 days starting April 3rd. Pick up will be in Nihn Binh and drop off to Hanoi. I am interested in a cruise that is away from the polluted areas. Which cruise would you suggest? What is the advantage of booking this with you vs directly with the cruise company? Thank you. Regards,

30 Nov, 2023 Reply

For the Luxury in this area we have option with Signature and Dragon Legend. Also this area is very quite and no polute.

30 Nov, 2023
1 Reply