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Mid-range Halong Bay Junks

  • Paloma Junk

    by Paloma Cruises

    Launched in 2009, Paloma Junk is a four star wooden junk that…

  • Pelican Junk

    by Pelican Cruise

    Pelican Junk - Discovering a Natural Wonder Halong Bay at its…

  • Sealife Junk

    by Huong Hai Halong

    Sealife Junk - The newest luxurious Junk on Halong Bay Launched…

  • Calypso Junk

    by Oriental Sails

    In the year of 2009, Calypso Junk - a deluxe junk was launched…

  • Dragon Pearl Junk

    by Indochina Junk

    Dragon's Pearl Junk involves three classic junks of Indochina…

  • Aclass Legend Junk

    by Aclass Cruises

    Aclass Legend is one of the finest deluxe junks in Halong Bay…

  • L'Azalee Junk

    by L’Azalee Junk

    L'Azalee Junk - Spirit of the Bay Our Deluxe vessel " L'Azalle…

  • Aclass Stellar Junk

    by Aclass Cruises

    Aclass Stellar Junk –Discover Halong in Style Aclass Stellar…

  • La Fairy Sails Junk

    by La Fairy Sails

    La Fairy Sails are luxury and boutique wooden boats which are…

  • Flamingo Junk

    by Viet Long Cruiser

    The Flamingo is a one of the totem animals living on earth and…

  • Garden Bay Junk

    by Tonkin Cruises

    Marguerite Garden Bay Junk - Our medium sized wooden junks give…

  • Red Dragon Junk

    by Indochina Junk

    Red Dragon Junk is known as one of the most luxurious traditional…

  • Prince Junk

    by Indochina Junk

    Launched on 1st June, 2008 Prince Junk is one of the most luxurious…

  • Victory Junk

    by Bai Tho Junks

    Victory Junk is a four star wooden junk launched in 2007. The…

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